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CP System II (CPS2) @ PCBdB.net
Manufacturer: Capcom
Year: 1997
Genre: System
Sound: Capcom Q-Sound - Amplified Stereo
System: Capcom CPS II


The CPS-2 Game board (known as the 'B board') comes in five different colors. It was thought that these colors matched up to the language used in game but on getting all the different colored 'A' boards it's clear to see that the color donates the country of release.

Green : Japan
Blue : U.S.A. and Europe
Orange : South America
Grey : Asia
Yellow : All (Rent version)

Grey and Orange game boards require the main 'A' board of matching color to work. Green and Blue boards are totally interchangeable meaning Green game boards will work on a Blue 'A' board and visa versa. A Yellow case shows a game is the rent version. These were made to fit 'A' boards as required and were used to entice operators to buy the game.

Before we start going into any real detail regarding the CPS-2 system here are the general machine specifications.

Main Processor : Custom 68000 at 12 Mhz
Address Bus : 24 bit
Data Bus : 16 bit

Sound Processor : Zilog Z80 at 8 Mhz

Sound Channels : 16 Stereo Channels
Sound Format : PCM QSound

Color Palette : 32 bit
Total On Screen Colors: 4096
Colors per tile : 16 (4 bits per pixel)
Object Number : 900 (16 x 16 pixels)
Scroll Faces : 3
Resolution : 384 x 224

Maximum Capacity : 322 Megabits



CP System II (CPS2) @ PCBdB.net

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