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00:45 2007/08/24
ERROR LOG!  [ Replys: 3 ]
My status page is blank? should it be like that?
or is there somekind of settings I can do?
3. 2007/12/05
PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
2. 2007/08/28
Yocke, can you take a look on admins file uploader again!
Something seems to be wrong!

PCBdB Office

PCBdB Office:
PCBdB Help:
1. 2007/08/28

We are rebuilding our background system at the moment,
this background system is connected to ALL functions in PCBdB!
So If you found an ERROR or missing page, even function error. Like search WARNINGS and so on.

Please report it here in this topic. If possible, please copy and past the adress to that problem as well.

Thank you for your help and support!
Hope to be uprunning soon again!
PCBdB* Office.
Join us today,

A iZ Group project
. 2007/08/24