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14:14 2007/08/20
Add a list for PCB searching  [ Replys: 3 ]
That is an really good idea,,, do you think it’s enough if we only can browse by Manufacture name?

We have ideas on building out our Database a little bit more so you should be able to search or browse on board system, I mean like ex, Sega Model 2.
And add Jamma or Not Jamma as a different selection.

Anyone with more good ideas?

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3. 2007/08/28
I was about to suggest this myself
Having something like Crazy Kong PCB listing would be great: Web link

Maybe also with added sorting, like only showing Konami or Sega..etc..etc. games
2. 2007/08/22

Hello and welcome.

Yes, we have thought of that, and trying to figure ut how we can create a good search tool.
If you have any good idea how to develop this, your more than welcome to PM or write in this topic!

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1. 2007/08/22

I think it will be great when there is a list of pictures where you can scroll through.
This would be pretty cool when you got a unknown Pcb.
. 2007/08/20