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14:30 2007/03/03
PCBdB have moved!  [ Replys: 5 ]
About Final design,

We are at the moment trying to make PCBdB more lighter, at the moment it contains some havy table construction..

So some changes is going to be done under the comming days!


PCBdB Office

PCBdB Office:
PCBdB Help:
5. 2007/08/28
Final Design,
Nope, this is our star up design, BETA design just so you can see, and find what you’re looking for.
If you are a designer, or have suggestion how we can improve. Just PM or start up a new topic for this.
Or start up a topic in ATs forum to get more conversation about this..
PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
4. 2007/03/14
Yes i would be interested in help out.

Is this the final design of PCBdb?
3. 2007/03/07
All PCBs is needed to be confirmed by a PCBdB Office member before the registered PCB gets online in our system.

So we are looking for PCBdB Office people that have interest in Arcade Games, maybe technical knowledge, or just a big interest in PCBs.

Mail us information about yourself, interest, and arcade related information..
And we will se what we can do!

PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
2. 2007/03/07
"Intrested to help out?"

With what... registering PCB's?
Will only certain people be able to add PCB's to the database? I mean there must be some sort if quality control?
1. 2007/03/03

PCBdB* have been waiting for this server change from the beginning.
We are now hosting ourself, so we have created more space to start to archive all kind of information on PCBs. And change this server to fit this porject at its best.

Our PCB registration system will soon be able for our users to be able to register there information. Its now beeing changed to fit this server better.

Intrested to help out?
PCBdB* Office.
Join us today,

A iZ Group project
. 2007/03/03